Taisce Luachmhar (Valuable Treasure) – The Fiddle Album

From the archives, a collection of tunes by traditional musicians from the 1940s and 1950s aincluding Denis Murphy, Aggie Whyte, John Kelly and Felix Doran, Tommie Potts, Seán Maguire and Paddy Killoran.

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    Although the release of this album in October, 2021 marked a new departure by the Donegal-based Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí, it features no Donegal fiddle players. However, some of the featured tunes are very popular in the repertoires of many Donegal fiddlers. The album presents an exceptional selection of recordings of great sound quality – made from the late 1940s to the early 1950s (with the bulk of them made in 1949) by recording engineer, Bill Stapleton (1921-83), in the studios of the Irish Recording Company.

    Among the master musicians appearing on the album are Denis Murphy, Patrick and Seán O’Sullivan, Aggie Whyte, Joe Milton, John Kelly and Felix Doran, Tommie Potts, Patrick Clarke, Seán Maguire, Seán McLaughlin, Matt Muldoon, Paddy Killoran and Eileen Lane.

    Track Listing:

    1. The Foot of the Glen, The Road to the Town and The Morning Star (reels) – Denis Murphy
    2. Farewell to Whiskey, The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue and The Knocknaboul (polkas) – Denis Murphy
    3. Fisher’s and Shanahan’s (hornpipes) – Denis Murphy
    4. The Humours of Lisheen and The Lark in the Bog (double jigs) – Denis Murphy
    5. Tomorrow Morning and Byrne’s (hornpipes) – Patrick and Seán O’Sullivan
    6. The Dawn and The Maid of Mount Kisco (reels) – Patrick and Seán O’Sullivan
    7. The Rookery, Gallagher’s Frolic and The Maid at the Spinning Wheel (double jigs) – Aggie Whyte
    8. Ben Hill and Dunphy’s (hornpipes) – Aggie Whyte
    9. Tom Ward’s Downfall, Corney is Coming and All Hands Around (reels) – Joe Milton
    10. Dever the Dancer, The Drops of Brandy and Cahiramee (slip jigs) – Joe Milton
    11. The Sligo Maid’s Lament and The Maid of Mount Kisco (reels) – John Kelly on fiddle and Felix Doran on uilleann pipes
    12. Bunch of Keys and Lord MacDonald’s (reels)  – John Kelly
    13. Pigeon on the Gate and The Tarbolton (reels)  – Tommie Potts
    14. Bonnie Kate and Jenny’s Chickens (reels) – Tommie Potts
    15. Tom Ennis’ and The Maid Behind the Bar (reels)  – Patrick Clarke
    16. The Lark in the Morning and The Wandering Minstrel (double jigs) – Patrick Clarke
    17. The Boys at the Lough, The Kerry Reel and Reidy Johnson’s (reels) – Patrick Clarke
    18. The High Level and McCormack’s // hornpipes – Seán Maguire
    19. The Wandering Minstrel, Fasten the Leg on Her and Coleman’s Cross (double jigs) – Seán McLaughlin
    20. The Three Sea Captains (set dance) – Seán McLaughlin
    21. Rhattigan’s and Miss McLeod’s (reels) – Seán McLaughlin
    22. The Jaunting Car, The Fair-haired Boy and Young Tim Murphy (single and double jigs) – Matt Muldoon Céilí Quartet
    23. The Drunken Piper and The 79ths Farewell to Gibraltar (marches) – Matt Muldoon Céilí Quartet
    24. Kerry Mills and Gan Ainm (barndances) – Matt Muldoon Céilí Quartet
    25. Miss Thornton’s and The Bird in the Bush (reels) – Paddy Killoran
    26. The Rising Sun and The Dawn (reels) – Paddy Killoran
    27. The Maid on the Green (double jigs) – Paddy Killoran
    28. The Hollybush, Paddy on the Turnpike and The Bag of Spuds (reels) – Paddy Killoran
    29. The Old Dudeen and The Road to Lurgan (reels) – Paddy Killoran
    30. The Bush on the Hill and Fr. Hanley’s (double jigs) – Paddy Killoran
    31. Gan Ainm and The Kesh Jig (double jigs) – Paddy Killoran
    32. Captain Kelly’s and My Love is Fair and Handsome (reels) – Paddy Killoran
    The Digital Album – Streaming + Download – which includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more is available on Bandcamp for €12 at https://donegalfiddlemusic.bandcamp.com/album/taisce-luachmhar-valuable-treasure-the-fiddle-album