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    This 2021 digital re-issue of this album, produced by Pol Huellou and originally released in 1984, includes rare recordings of the late Liam Weldon. along with a number of original and traditional instrumental compositions.


    Track Listing:

    1. Tit for Tat (Coleman’s Cross/Tit for Tat/The Humours of Broadway)
    2. The Tipsy Sailor
    3. Sorry the Day (The Road to Athlone/Ellen O’Grady/Quick We Have But a Second)
    4. Ochón Mo Chailín
    5. Elixir
    6. The Wexford Lasses (Tart ar an Ól /The Glens of Mayo/The Wavecrest)
    7. One Starry Night
    8. The Oak Tree (Mother’s Delight /The Oak Tree)
    9. Gift of Fire
    10. Two for the Road (The Glenside Cottage/The Magpie’s Nest)



    Seán Howley, bouzouki
    Liam Weldon, vocals
    Pol Huellou, tin whistle, flute
    Brian O’Donoghue, guitar
    David “Hopi” Hopkins, bodhrán, percussion


    The album is available in various formats from a number of sources including Apple Music, Napster, Shazam and Spotify