NPU issues new Tommy Reck album

Na Píobairí Uilleann has released Tommy Reck – The Master Pipers Volume 4, a double album featuring a range of performances from Tommy Reck at the height of his powers, from 1949 to c.1965.

The first CD in the set draws on a variety of sources while the second CD features new transfers of the “Walkinstown Tape” made in 1960 by Peter O’Loughlin and Seán Reid.

The double album is accompanied by an 80-page booklet which includes contributions from Gerry Starr, Emmett Gill, Ronan Browne , Tommy Keane, Mick O’Brien, Bill Haneman and Mick O’Connor.

The album may be ordered from NPU at

or downloaded from Bandcamp at
(download includes access to a PDF of the booklet).

Joanie Madden honoured at Irish Arts Center

Cherish the Ladies leader, Joanie Madden, was honoured at a special event at the new Irish Arts Center in New York with the Spirit of Ireland Award for 2021 – presented by Gabriel Byrne.

After the presentation she was joined by her bandmates to play a set.

This new honour follows the award of the National Heritage Fellowship for 2021 by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA).

Joanie Madden (centre) with her Cherish The Ladies bandmates, Nollaig Casey, Mirella Murray, Mary Coogan and Cathie Ryan – flanked by Bruce Foley and Gabriel Donohue (Photo: Nuala Purcell),

Mouldy launches new website on Irish songs

John Moulden

Ethnomusicologist, John Moulden, has launched a new website, John Moulden On Irish Songs, where he intends to post many of his published articles and papers accumulated over a lifetime of research and study.

Outlining the scope and purpose of the new site, John says: “I’ve been writing and talking about Irish songs for over fifty years. For some of those, friends have been suggesting I gather my published work together. I’m afraid these suggestions have now been acted upon. Under pandemical pressure, I’ve constructed a website.

“At present it has some introductory items built into a structure which, I hope, can be easily followed. Eventually, with a few items added each month, it is intended to hold house all my papers and a good number of presentations.”

‘Mouldy’ says that the material on the site is to be quarried, “according to each user’s interest and inclination, though it would be best to start at Home and follow suggestions.”

While he encourages engagement and debate, he points out that his full arguments may only become clear when all of the material has been posted.

‘John Moulden On Irish Songs’ is available online at