Andy reunited with missing instruments

Andy Irvine (Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg)

Folk music master, Andy Irvine, has finally been reunited with his two missing instruments – a guitar-bodied bouzouki and a mandola, both made by Stefan Sobell and valued ay €14,000.

The two instruments went missing on June 29 in the course of flights Andy made between Dublin and Copenhagen via Frankfurt on Lufthansa and SAS. The instruments were checked in at Dublin but failed to appear in Copenhagen.

Despite strenuous efforts made by friends and union acquaintances to search the baggage warehouses in Dublin as well as visits by family members and friends to inspect similar facilities at Frankfurt and Copenhagen, no trace of the instruments could be found. To add to his frustration, Andy found the airlines, themselves, to be distinctly unresponsive to his efforts to engage with them by phone or email.

However, the silence was finally broken on August 1 when Andy was contacted by SAS to advise that the missing instruments had finally been located and would be delivered the following day. So after almost five weeks, the musician and his precious equipment were re-united.

Where had they been for that time? What adventures might they have gone on? How far had they travelled? There might be the makings of a song in that!


The bouzouki (left) and the mandola
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